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A picture of a bench at Brownhelm Lakefront Park

Brownhelm Lakefront Park

Brownhelm Lakefront Park is located at the end of Woodside Avenue, north of Lake Road (U.S. Route 6), about a mile west of Baumhart Road. Beautiful views of Lake Erie can be seen from the park benches in this park which also has a handicap accessible picnic area.

a pavilion at Brownhelm Schoolhouse Park

Brownhelm Schoolhouse Park

The Brownhelm Schoolhouse Park is located behind the Township Hall at 1940 North Ridge Road in Vermilion. The park has soccer and baseball fields along with basketball courts, a picnic pavilion, and playground for the kiddies.

Brownhelm Township Park Rules and Regulations:

  1. No person shall injure, deface, destroy, disturb, or remove any part of the park, signs, facilities, or growing things. Damages incurred become the financial responsibility of the perpetrator(s) or their parents, if a juvenile.

  2. No loitering or dumping of any material of any kind in the park except any refuse arising from the normal use and enjoyment of the park. All refuse must be placed in appropriate trash containers.

  3. No person may molest, injure, or destroy any wildlife in the park.

  4. No portable stoves or grills are permitted in shelters or on compositional picnic tables.

  5. No fires except for cooking purposes and only in a designated area.

  6. No dumping of hot ashes or fire onto grass, plants, ground, or trash receptacles.

  7. No use of firearms, fireworks, or any other explosives.

  8. No overnight camping or parking on township park property.

  9. No person shall disturb the peace of other park patrons or park neighbors.

  10. There shall be no gambling or alcoholic beverages permitted in the park. No one under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug of abuse shall be permitted in the park.

  11. No person shall be in the park with indecent conduct or exposure.

  12. No person shall use obscene or abusive language in the park.

  13. All vehicles in the park must remain on established roadways or parking areas and observe a 10 mile per hour speed limit. No reckless operation shall be permitted in the park.

  14. All animals must be on a leash and their litter picked up by the owner or other responsible party.

  15. Park facilities are closed from dusk to dawn and all juveniles are subject to the township curfew. Anyone on township property after curfew or closing hours will be considered trespassing and subject to arrest for criminal trespass unless special permission has been previously obtained from a township official.

Any person directed to leave the park premises by a township official or law enforcement officer for any misconduct must do so immediately or face charges for criminal trespass.

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